Every Duffy is different and every Duffy is Duffy.

Duffy sometimes talks, but mostly speaks heart to heart.

Duffy sails through dreams to explore the world, the universe, and everything else.

Duffy loves fashion.

Duffy loves photos.

Duffy loves all.

That reminds me of one of the magics of teddy bears –  the way we see. It’s a little-known fact among humans, and many in power want to keep it a secret, but when a bear makes a bond with a human, everything that person has ever lost – lovers, friends, keepsakes, memories, time – we see it. It fills us. We hold all of the pushed-aside pain, all of the forgotten joy; and eventually, we release it. It is precisely all that pent-up energy that, through release, gives us life. If everyone who suffers in the world had someone soft to hug and shining eyes to gaze into (and to reflect them), the world would be a lot less accustomed to its suffering. Hold tight and let go.