Monday, July 25, 2011

Duffy's Village Greeting Place, a slideshow...

The Cape Cod Village Greeting Place feels more like an attraction than a meet and greet location. With the Transit Steamer coming and going and authentic vintage postcards and photographs from the past 100 years magically revising history to show Duffy's long-standing and global popularity, this is the quintessential testament of Disney theming focused on a single character. Duffy is all about travelling, making new friends and a timeless universal love that brings people together. At the Village Greeting Place, guests really get a sense of what Duffy actually means. There is nothing else that comes close to grounding a character in reality like this anywhere in the world or for any other Disney character.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duffeteer Society of Tenders, Artists & Romantics

The MiceChat Duffy community keeps growing stronger.  Having named our group shortly after earning our own forum, we finally have official logo marks.  Please use them freely to support, promote and bring the Dufflove anywhere you can!  These are actually open to any Duffy fans, but I hope you'll check out the MiceChat Duffy Forum, and I'd appreciate a link back to this blog if you use this artwork on another site.

Bring the Love!

Duffeteer Shield, organizational emblem

D-STAR, individual fan badge

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tokyo DisneySEA's 10th Annniversary is gonna "Be Magical!" for Duffy fans!

Check out the costume:

As if Duffy magic wasn't powerful enough already, they went and gave him a sorcerer's hat!
Plus, check it out - for the first time ever, Duffy is featured with the heavyweight cast in artwork, not just a figure or something and not as the generic Disney bear!

Apparently this image is from the Disneyest Place blog,
although the original poster didn't provide a link...
See?  It's "magical!" Like iPhone4!!!^^
I hope he gets a wand, too, though...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet Duffy 2011

Yes, this update's been a looong time coming, and yes, these photos are generally imperfect.  I was super rushed on articulating and stuffing Shellie May, what with the first MiceChat Duffy Post and all going on...  Her smile didn't turn out right and she seems both over- and under-stuffed at the same time?!?!  I also couldn't take time posing and shooting as much as I wanted, cos I didn't have much time.  After buying everyone's stuff I only had a couple hours til I had to leave for work.  On top of that, I kept getting mobbed with Dufflove!  People were actually lining up to take photos.  At one point, I guess there were as many as thirty!!!:  I was flattered, for sure, but also really shy...  Still, it was exciting!^^

The first series features the "Paddington" duffel coats and sweets from the Japan Disney Store:

Dauffin Téadoro Buxpy IV
Ashellia Maia Cora von Lichtschiff
Sweets for two...
...And two for fun!!^^
Cape Cod is Duffy's...
...And Shellie's...

Sweet Rescue - "Bear"nin' Love!!!

Here're some with just the Cafe costumes, still with those awesome sweets:

And here're some photos of decor and atmosphere:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Certification of Tenderness

This has been on my "to do" list for a while.  Over the years, several people have expressed wishing something like this existed.  With the growing global interest in Duffy, it just seemed like time.  Here's an "official" certificate for proud Duffy Tenders.  Download the hi-res version HERE and print on A4 for best results.

GIFT IDEA:  Print out the CoT and drop it in a bottle to give along with a Duffy plush! Just be sure to bind it tighter than the opening with a long piece of string, and leave some string at the mouth of the bottle or tied around the cork so you can pull out the paper.^^

I actually made an ultra-hi-res professional printing quality version, but it's over 100MB and I can't find a place to host it.  If you need a more refined version and have an idea where to put it, let me know.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Disney UniBEARsity Story Update

This will probably be my last time working on this, as I'm not personally into the story and it takes a lot of work to make these English versions.  Anyway, this should be enough to give you a solid idea of what UniBEARsity is all about:

We've now got Pete, Max, Chip and Dale thrown in...
...but I'm afraid I don't know who that rooster is.
If you do, please post in Comments!
"Both of them" does not exist in the original Japanese; I just thought it needed something.
Likewise, there is no question that Disney will continue developing this project,
but this is likely the last time it will be translated here.

PS: The site's been updated with product info, too.

Seems like they're hoping for an event, what with the separate release dates of online and in-store.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New one!  Fits iPhone and higher rez!